Stress Management

stressmanagement70% of Doctor’s visits are said to be stress related. It may even involve back neck or shoulder pain, RSI, etc.

We say things like ” The kids are stressing me out” or “Work is getting me down” or “Everything is getting ontop of me” but my question is : IS STRESS A THING? or is it our REACTION to things? Some people including sports people and successful business people may even thrive on an element of stress.

So how do you go about life? Does it get you down? Many of us add to our woes without realising it, we become out of touch with ourselves.

Stress or anxiety usually manifests itself in our muscles. Tension patterns can become habitual and the brain registers this as normal and so can go unnoticed for some time. However this can build up particularly in our neck and shoulders affecting blood flow, possibly leading to headaches or migraines and other symptoms associated with stress.

Does this sound familiar? The Alexander Technique helps us to become more aware of our reactions to situations, we are then able to minimise these negative reactions enabling us to respond better in such situations alleviating that ‘Stressed’ feeling. We may even alleviate our back, neck or shoulder pain.

Take control of the way you react to stressful situations…

Professor Nicholas Tinbergen, Nobel Prize winner for medicine and physiology stated in his acceptance speech that The Alexander Technique can improve such things as depth of sleep, overall cheerfulness, mental alertness and resilience against outside pressures.

These are just a few comments from my clients:

“I was working in a very stress laden environment (financial services industry). Mark helped me to realise that I needed to release tension as it occurred, not allow it to build up to fever pitch i.e. Migraines and to take time throughout my day to check my posture and muscle state. Mark makes the lessons fun, interesting, worthwhile and helps you take control of the way you react to stress.”
- John Stevens
“Most of all I enjoy life a lot more, I’m more confident and feel much healthier.”
- Mike Fitzsimmons
“More relaxed and confident…..”
- Taylor Damien
“I feel a lot less stressed and more confident in giving presentations at work, my work colleagues have noticed too.” - Vanessa

Re-connect your life with the Alexander Technique, you have nothing to lose except feeling stressed. To find out more why not book a one to one introductory session?