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When Sitting, Think Of Standing!

What? I hear you cry, that’s madness! Well if you move in a balanced way your feet don’t really change in going from standing to sitting. Most people come out of balance from standing to sitting, they either move forward on their feet, back on their feet or even on the insides or outsides. Have a go now and see ... More

Headaches? Could they become a thing of the past? 4 of my clients say ‘Yes they can’!

  Hazel came to the Alexander Technique for neck and upper back pain. After only a few sessions the daily headaches started to reduce. One week she came for her lesson and I asked her how were the headaches. "I can't remember the last time I had a headache which is amazing because I've been having them for ... More

It’s cold outside, what are you doing on the inside? 3 tips to help.

  Are we pulling our head into our shoulders and holding onto our arms, belly and legs ? The effect of this is actually the opposite to what we might want. This tightening in the muscles restricts blood flow to the tissues.   - This is an obvious tip I know but  invest in a scarf and wrap up ... More

Back pain – Why me? My latest insights.

However pictures don't tell the whole story. I looked 'Open and Free' up until 4 years old. We are a record of what happened to us or what we have experienced. My mother used to say “Don’t mind him he’s dreadfully shy”! Question: What do you think I did in my body? Answer: I now recognise 'I ... More

Spinal neurosurgeon talks about the usefulness of Alexander Technique.

"97% of people with back pain could benefit by learning the Alexander Technique – it is only a very small minority of back pain sufferers that require medical intervention such as surgery" Dr. Jack Stern, MD is a neurosurgeon in White Plains, New York specializing in spine neurosurgery. He is also a faculty ... More

Jo’s story – help with giving presentations.

Jo was sent to the Alexander Technique by her company coach, and the company paid for a course of lessons. The company felt that the way she came across in presentations was letting her down due to poor posture. Jo also suffered 3 or 4 headaches a week. After only a few sessions the headaches significantly reduced and this ... More

How could you improve your Pilates practice? Emily and Julia’s stories.

Emily is a dance and Pilates instructor and has good body awareness but since a car accident she has suffered a degree of neck pain. Sometimes we can't see past the pain and simply exercising is not going to resolve the problem. We need to look at our habits. Together we discovered that Emily tensed her neck more at ... More

Val’s Sciatica relieved

    "I suffered from debilitating recurrent sciatica for over two years before a friend recommended I try the Alexander Technique. Over six months of patient tutoring, Mark has shown me many ways to improve my physical and emotional stance, and I look forward to and gain real benefit from each weekly ... More

6 tips for walking (It’s getting cold out there……but are we getting hunched?)

but have you noticed what you are doing as a result? Look around you as you walk and you will see people hunching their shoulders, hands gripped or in their pockets etc. Do you think this is making them warmer? The effect of this extra tension is actually the opposite to what we want. This tightening in the muscles ... More

Can I be as smart as my smartphone or iGadget? 5 tips when texting.

It’s truly amazing how fast technology is moving, I remember when my dad got his first mobile back in the early 80's.  The battery pack was so heavy he almost needed help to get it to the car. These days we are surrounded by amazing Smart phones and tablets and find ourselves continuously plugged in. However more ... More