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Dutch Courage – Could your Bike be encouraging neck, back or shoulder pain?

On a recent trip to Amsterdam it really struck me at how the locals looked so relaxed on their bikes. Part of this is because there is a real bike culture and everything is set up to enable cyclists to move around freely. They have priority over cars and pedestrians. However I believe it is more ... More

Fibromyalgia – “Excellent Results” Nick T

Fibromyalgia manifests itself as muscle and connective tissue pain. Tender points may be in the shoulders, front and back, in the crook of the elbows, lower back, knees. There may be widespread pain, fatigue and even joint stiffness. It is thought that this may be related to stress and in Alexander Technique we help our ... More

Trying to DO good posture? How’s that working for you?

Working with a client this morning, it reminded me of how I used to be. I spent alot of time TRYING to DO GOOD POSTURE! From my personal experience I can say it didn't work, I was just tense and my back and neck still hurt. This client was having the same problem until I got them to start to ungrip and they realised they ... More

A dancer’s perspective of having Alexander Technique Lessons.

I just received this testimonial from one of my clients whose been having lessons for some time: "I began lessons with Mark because wanted improved posture and movement in dancing. After a few lessons I was very aware of a dramatic reduction in muscular tension, and I also began to completely re-evaluate my ideas on ... More

Tips for good posture. It doesn’t need to be a struggle.

"4 Giant Misconceptions About Posture" Guest Blog by Amira Alvarez People regularly come to me and say, often in a guilty voice, "I know I have terrible posture. I should try harder to sit up straight. My husband/wife/mother/doctor is constantly telling me to sit up straight. I just can't seem to do it. And my back ... More

Trying to have good posture? It could damage your health.

There is a lot of talk about the importance of good posture these days. You hear it in gyms, yoga sessions, Pilates and even the very popular barefoot running. However when you say to people “Think about your posture” they tend to TRY and stand up straight, possibly holding onto their legs , heaving up their chests ... More

Does the Alexander technique really make you happy?

As the Government tries to measure happiness, I started to think well does the Alexander Technique make people happy? I know I love teaching it myself and that part of that is seeing people change. You can literally see it in people’s faces, they light up! Why is this? Well it can be for different reasons. • PAIN ... More

Why Back or Neck Pain? Look at the cause.

This is a question we seldom ask ourselves, we just treat the symptom. We get manipulated, stretched, massaged, done to, if you like or take a pill. So ask yourself WHY BACK PAIN? Now there may be many and varied answers to this question. Are we out of balance and tense in our movements, ie: poor posture? Are our ... More

Your Body Wants to Balance! Alexander Technique shows you how.

Have you ever thought why toddlers are so springy or why some dancers (like Fred Astaire) move with such ease or why do some sportsmen/women play so effortless (like Federer)? What do they have in common? They have great balance. So my body wants to balance eh! So why do I have tension (back or neck pain, shoulder or ... More

Hassan’s Story after 20 years of back pain -“This was the therapy I had needed all those years”

This is Hassan's story after just 9 sessions: In his own words - "Since my adolescence, I have suffered from a degenerative wear and tear arthritic disease in my spine, which has given me constant lower back pain for more than 20 years. Although I had heard of the Alexander Technique, I hadn't taken it seriously and ... More