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GPs asked to recommend only CNHC-registered practitioners.

All GPs and Chief Nursing Officers were asked this week to recommend patients who are seeking complementary therapies to consult with practitioners who are registered with the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), where it registers the professional discipline concerned. The request was issued by the ... More

Daniel’s chronic back pain

Daniel came to me with with chronic lower back pain. He wasn't even able to sit on a chair in his first session. Tricky I thought so we worked with getting him more balanced on his feet, lying on a table in the classic semi supine position ( which he loves as it eleviates the pain) and leaning against a wall. At ... More

Louisa’s story – shoulder and upper back pain

Louisa has been suffering from upper back and shoulder pain for some time. This is what she had to say after some Alexander lessons with me: "I had constant upper back and shoulder pain prior to contacting Mark. I knew the problem was postural - borne from sitting at a computer all day - but I didn’t know quite how to ... More

Mike’s wife is pleased!

Mike has been having Alexander Technique lessons for some time resulting in better posture and no joint pain. This week Mike reported that his wife was very pleased as he no longer suffers from 'sleep apnea'. Sleep apnea (or sleep apnoea in British English) is a sleep disorder characterized by abnormal pauses in ... More

Alexander Technique – Frequently asked questions

What is Alexander Technique in a nutshell? This is like trying to explain the colour ‘red’ to someone who is colour blind. However it has been called ‘Neuromuscular re-education’ or simply learning to use yourself in a more co-ordinated way and with less tension. What do we aim to achieve? This depends ... More

Top 12 posture tips for working at the computer.

– As you look at your screen right now your should be horizontal to the top of the screen. Is your head poking forward towards the screen? Beware of getting SUCKED in. – Where are they as you sit there? Forward of knees or tucked under your chair? Twisted or contorted? Can you leave them under your knees? ... More

Hope for back pain sufferers.

Back pain is the biggest cause of sickness absence in the UK and lower back pain affects 7 in 10 people at some time in their lives. A study published online by the British Medical Journal, referring to a trial with over 500 patients, offers some hope. Professor Paul Little of Southampton's faculty of medicine ... More

TMJ syndrome and the Alexander Technique – Ann’s story

Ann is a GP and has been suffering from Temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMJ syndrome) for some time. Her dentist suggested she try the Alexander Technique. After about 5 sessions Ann realised that her jaw was no longer locking and also her neck was alot freer. Listen to this audio from a dentist's perspective. Read ... More

Roger’s story – Piriformis Syndrome/Sciatica

"I had been suffering with Piriformis Syndrome ( See definition below ) for about five years. Having turned to my GP, Acupuncture and Chiropractor treatments all without success, I decided to try the Alexander Technique. Mark has been teaching me over the past five months and" Roger McIntosh :Piriformis syndrome ... More

Lulu’s age defying secrets include Alexander Technique

"The fastest way to lose 5lb and take off five years is to stand up straight. I can remember going shopping with my mum and I’d sort of schlump when I was trying on clothes — and she’d narrow her eyes and give me such a look! I’ve studied the Alexander Technique in the past, which really helps with posture ... More