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Cars break down, so do we but do you treat your car much better than yourself?

Do you or have you ever suffered pain, maybe back or neck pain which has really stopped you in your tracks? It may have even prevented you from doing some of the things you love, running, gym, playing music etc. Imagine you are driving your car but things start to feel a bit wrong with it, firstly you ignore it hoping ... More

Major Study into Neck Pain.

(Reuters Health) – Acupuncture sessions and Alexander Technique lessons both seem to improve the symptoms of chronic neck pain after one year, according to a new study. Alexander Technique involves hands-on lessons for self-care in everyday activities, aimed at reducing poor posture, excess muscle tension, poor ... More

Tip 3 – BREATHE! Notice if you have inadvertently stopped breathing when concentrating or listening. Is there a ‘catch up’ breath?

In the Alexander Technique we have a saying “Good breathing does itself, the only thing we can DO is mess it up”! So what does that mean? Many of us actually stop or interrupt our breathing when concentrating, maybe on a piece of work we are doing. We may also stop breathing when listening and it is very likely ... More

SLUMPING or TRYING to sit up straight. – Are these the only options?

What does this statement mean? Well my default position was slumped but I wouldn’t say it was comfortable. In fact from a very young age I suffered back, neck and shoulder pain. I honestly did TRY and sit up straight but I couldn’t maintain it and in some ways it felt worse on my back.Me c1978 aged 12 years So we are ... More