6 tips for walking (It’s getting cold out there……but are we getting hunched?)


Brrrr it’s getting cold out there

but have you noticed what you are doing as a result? Look around you as you walk and you will see people hunching their shoulders, hands gripped or in their pockets etc.

Do you think this is making them warmer? The effect of this extra tension is actually the opposite to what we want. This tightening in the muscles restricts blood flow to the tissues.

Here are 6 tips to help you become less tense and stay warm:


1 – Let your head just balance ontop of your spine, just like you did when you were a toddler. See how to notice the relationship of your head to your neck and back here: Poise of head ontop of spine (see Point 2 – Try the exercise)

2 –  Leave your shoulders alone, TRY THIS: Imagine there is a cushion to either side of your shoulders and you don’t want to pull away from those cushions. Better?

3 – Allow your arms to swing forward and back as you walk. They should join in with the movement of the legs if you let them. Letting the weight of your arms drop will also help.

4 – You maybe tensing your legs as well, in some ways ‘holding onto their weight’ – If you are holding onto the weight of your arms or legs you are contracting your muscles. If you choice not to, then by their very nature the muscles will start to lengthen instead. This is very beneficial because it will help the back to be more open.

5 –  Think of the legs as reaching down to the ground instead of pulling up and in.

6 – Lastly wrap up warm and invest in a scarf. This way you won’t be tempted to scrunch up your shoulders.

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