A dancer’s perspective of having Alexander Technique Lessons.

I just received this testimonial from one of my clients whose been having lessons for some time:

“I began lessons with Mark because wanted improved posture and movement in dancing. After a few lessons I was very aware of a dramatic reduction in muscular tension, and I also began to completely re-evaluate my ideas on correct posture.

I continued taking lessons with Mark for a little over a year, and I believe that I continued to experience improvements throughout that whole period.

I believe that I have improved my posture from being forced and tiring to more relaxed and comfortable, and my quality of movement has also become somewhat more relaxed and flowing. I also find it easier to sit without hunching for longer periods, and find myself standing and walking much more confidently .

I found that I was also capable of carrying the principles taught across to my approach to yoga and other activities.

Lessons with Mark were interesting, and certainly of huge benefit to my dancing, posture, relaxation and movement, but I also noticed improvements in confidence in day-to-day life that I wouldn’t have expected.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mark’s lessons to anyone with a body! ”

Randal Boyd