An unbelievable story…..How I went from having Body tics to channeling ‘Healing’. 

I’ve got to admit the last couple of years have been a bit bonkers

 There has been much change happening and it seems I am not alone in this. Of course ‘change’ is happening all the time but things for me have happened really fast. 

I believe my body started to tic slightly after my Mum died 6 years ago – During my Alexander Technique Constructive rest my left shoulder would just move up and down on its own. I did wonder if this was trauma of some kind releasing from the body. 

My body was ‘Doing itself’!

In October 2016, I attended a 4 day Embodiment Course in Brighton and my shoulder started to move again. The facilitator asked if i’d like to explore this standing up which I agreed to. No one was touching me but I felt like I was being lifted up from my arm pits and pushed into a back bend and then suddenly  I was thrown against the wall a couple of meters away. I fell to the ground, quite shocked. I believe the facilitator could see that it was a body memory from the past where I was attacked and so he tried to empower me by getting me to throw him (Aikido was part of the course). Strangely I wasn’t frightened by the event, in fact I was more curious than anything. I discovered that all I needed to do was invite the tics in. The tics progressed to facial tics during that weekend and tended to go with my emotional state. It was like my body was ‘doing itself’. The situation did get worse before it got better and on the last day I spent most of the day in tears. I thought this was grief as when I was thinking of the years of my life etc. “When I was one years old”, “When I was 2 years old” etc I noticed what by face and body was doing. When I got to the age of 48 it felt like I received a strong punch in the stomach. Forty eight was the age I was when my Mum died. I got a huge amount from the course but I was changed forever. 

My partner found it difficult to cope with me and these body tics which was unfortunate. I think this came out of fear but I felt myself suppressing them and that was hard. As time went on the tics dissipated. 

“My body came into very comfortable uprightness”

When I started to meditate seriously (every day for over 2 years now), my tics returned but actually it was quite positive. My body would come into very comfortable uprightness without trying. This really interested me as an Alexander Technique practitioner and it seemed to go like this when the meditation was about others and spreading the idea of kindness and compassion. This is the main basis of my teaching now. 

“A very strange thing happened in Somatic Experiencing” 

Again the tics started to lessen but then out of interest I went to see someone who did ‘Somatic Experiencing’. I believe this was meant to happen. Suddenly in front of this therapist I would act out things from my past. (I never knew what my body was going to do next). I thought things might come up around grief but for the first few weeks it was all about my Catholic School. I expected stuff to come up about bullying from the other children but things came up about abuse from the masters. I had no cognitive memory of this but my body acted it out and my therapist seems to think I blocked it out. I was diagnosed with childhood PTSD. I have learnt to forgive those that did me wrong and I don’t feel that this trauma defines me. 

A very strange thing happened in my therapy sessions and I started to embody other people in my family ancestry, many that I had never met. I called this embodying at the time but now see clearly I was channeling. 

“Arguing with my Dad from the grave”!!

I went to see a psychic (something I never believed in by the way) and was told I was a healer and had psychic abilities. I didn’t really believe it at the time but after connecting with my Dad who died over 20 years ago I was in no doubt that there is a whole unseen world that I was not aware of. My Dad actually argued with me about the time when he had his stroke and when he died. He said it was 3 weeks between the stroke and death, not 2 weeks as I’d said and I realised he was right. 

Anyway someone suggested I read a book on channeling (alot of strange co-incidences like this have been happening, I meet someone just at the right time who challenges me or a book arrives etc). When reading this book it was just like reading the story of my life over the last 2 years. It even said you may not be able to stay with your present partner. That split had already happened after 17 years. This was really traumatic, I still love him and although it was my doing, I feel it had to be this way. I am hoping we can be friends.  

“Figured out that I’m like a sponge” 

Last Summer I attended a festival and my body tics was off the scale and I realised that I was an empath, like a sponge taking in other people stress and trauma. Once I realised this I intuitively learn to set up an area around me like a see through egg. Unbeknown to me this is something they do in therapy. It is the energy body that encapsulates our physical body. Once i’d set this up it was great, no more tics. I now teach this to some of my pupils who may also be empaths. 

“Was I going mad and loosing the plot”

I then went on holiday to Provincetown near Boston as I was going to meet my Aunt that I hadn’t seen for 15 years or so. Extraordinary things started to happen, I felt I could send healing to others across the globe. I went through several rituals that seemed to just come from now where.  Then one day I started to act out very strangely and got quite obsessed with stones on the beach and then did some strange drawings. To cut a very long story short I realised I had channeled my Uncle Charlie who I’d never actually met as he was institutionalised as a teenager. I believe he was autistic. He had a message for my aunt who he called ‘Evie’. I never heard anyone call her that. The stones were for her and the stone I now wear around my neck was for me. This quartz stone really helps me to be calm and has healing properties (Crystals can also set off my tics, how sensitive am I ?). 

My Aunt confirmed that Charlie was the only one who called her Evie. Bonkers eh! 

I must admit that I have thought at times that I am going mad and loosing the plot. However I have met people who have had similar experiences and have ended up being Mediums or healers. Some channel poems or art too. 

“Using my intuition and trusting in myself”

Intuitively I started to work with my clients differently and was surprised that they didn’t think this was at all strange, when I chucked some of the stuck energy that I found in their energy field out the window. Some said this is like Reiki (I’ve never had this).

Pranic Healing

Recently I attended a Pranic healing course and was amazed to see what they were teaching I was already doing. It involved doing: 

Some physical Exercises (Which I had already started to add into my practice)

A daily meditation including ‘Spreading Loving Kindness to the World (Which I also had been doing religiously)

Pulling out stuck energy and dissolving it in salt water (I was throwing this out the window but now I also use salt water) 

Energise certain areas of the body (I intuitively seemed to be doing this and my clients had told me they could feel the heat and energy). 

I learnt a lot on the course but stay true to my intuition. 

I tell my clients that this is coming from a higher place and that I am being guided. This is great for me because I don’t need to worry. 

As it turns out, Some clients get much more Alexander Technique and some more healing and some a mix. We usually just see what is required. 

So really my tics can tell me a lot and I can be aware of the emotion and if it is strong I can help the person release this. It maybe grief or anger or anxiety. 

I am grateful for my body tics and if someone offered me a pill to take them away, I would refuse. They are me but do not define me. I have always thought of them as a gift. 

My pupils are getting much faster results and reporting things like:

feeling much calmer and happier

absence of pain

better mobility etc.

If you would like to refresh your Alexander Technique or experience some Energy or Pranic healing do get in touch. 

Online booking available.