Back pain – Why me? My latest insights.

This one is around 12 years old when I had my first episode of back spasms and I could’t get up off the kitchen floor.

When I look back at old photos of myself I can guess why I suffered such debilitating back pain.

However pictures don’t tell the whole story. I looked ‘Open and Free’ up until 4 years old.

So what happened? 

We are a record of what happened to us or what we have experienced. My mother used to say “Don’t mind him he’s dreadfully shy”!

Question: What do you think I did in my body?

Answer: I now recognise ‘I did shy’, making myself as small as possible.

Some of us experience name calling at school and /or be a little depressed in those teenage years. You can visibly see this from one of my photos.

Question: What did I do in my body?

Answer: I now realise ‘I did freeze or Flop ‘.

We may well go into one of the following ‘F’s’ – Also called the ‘Startle Reflex Pattern’

Fight – Flight – Freeze – Flop.

The main picture is when I was around 12 years old when I had my first episode of back spasms and I could’t get up off the kitchen floor. I thought I was broken and must have done something to myself playing tennis. However I now know that it wasn’t the tennis but I recognise that there was bullying around that time and secondary school was a scary place. If we are tense, then move that tense body around we could well do some physical damage. Someone’s back can suddenly go when they pick up a piece of paper off the floor. It was’t the paper or indeed that moment that was important but all the previous moments if you like.

I didn’t really have any ‘Sense of Body’ when I began Alexander Technique sessions. It was a real revelation that I had joints below my waist that I could bend from rather than the middle i.e. my back!

I wasn’t born twisted and squashed as you can see from these earlier photos. I now find that once again I can sit comfortably like this which I was unable to do for years. Something must have changed.


Alexander Technique showed me that I have a choice and that I can change. It has nothing to do with ‘trying to sit up straight’ – I tried that one and it only made matters worse. I have 5 years experience of working with an experience Feldenkrais teacher and this has helped me make much better connections in my body.  I feel more confident to explore movements, I feel more confident in my body and move better than I did in my 20’s and I am pain free most of the time.

It’s been interesting to look back as I’m celebrating my 15th year since I discovered the  wonderful Alexander Technique.

Together we can explore more efficient movement options, we can even find ways of letting go into a slump.

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