Can I be as smart as my smartphone or iGadget? 5 tips when texting.

first-car-phoneIt’s truly amazing how fast technology is moving, I remember when my dad got his first mobile back in the early 80’s.  The battery pack was so heavy he almost needed help to get it to the car.

These days we are surrounded by amazing Smart phones and tablets and find ourselves continuously plugged in.

smartphonesHowever more and more people are getting ‘Text Neck’, ‘RSI  thumb’ as well as back and shoulder pain or even daily headaches etc. We blame modern technology but that doesn’t make us very SMART does it! We forget how we are using our own bodies in relation to these gadgets.

As I sit here typing this out it would be all too easy to get sucked in to my computer and my heavy head would drag my spine forward and down. Day after day that is going to have a cumulative effect and I’m going to struggle to get out of it. It might even effect the way I breath.

slouch-deskHow many people do you see walking down the street dropping their whole neck column or poking their heads forward towards their iPads on the train? It’s a fun game but try not to be the ‘Posture Police’!

Could we spend a bit of time thinking about what WE are doing and how we are responding to this fast changing world.

We all had natural poise early on in life and we can get it back.

Luckily I was introduced to the Alexander Technique years ago, after suffering debilitating back and neck pain. I’m seeing younger and younger clients now suffering from technology induced pain. I teach them the skills to work much smarter. It’s not WHAT you do but the WAY that you do it that counts! Remember that the computer or phone is not actually DOING anything!

An Alexander Technique teacher can get you out of these harmful habit patterns, it’s definitely not about trying to have good posture ( I tried that and it hurt) but learning to move more efficiently and effectively and with very little effort.


13882492_574349942749063_7397751115103716202_n 1 – Ask yourself where is the crown of my head going as I text? Don’t try and suddenly sit up straight as you won’t be able to maintain it but “think tall” and make sure you’re breathing.

2 – Can I gently allow the top of my head to float up like a big white fluffy cloud dispersing on the ceiling. This takes the pressure off our neck and back. Remember from a previous blog “5 things to know about your body” that if your head leads you down into a slump that it can also lead you out of a slump.


3. Imagine you are wearing a head torch and shine that onto the screen rather poking your chin or dropping your whole head. In this way you are much more likely to be allowing your neck to be free and your head to nicely pivot from the top of your spine (between your ears lobes more or less).

4. Think of your arms as long from high up in your neck down to your elbows resting and allow your hands to soften rather than gripping the phone. If you are not actually texting but just looking at your phone, you could cradle one elbow in one hand which enables you to bring your phone closer to your face.

5. Notice if you are gripping your hip joints and legs. Could you do less? It is lovely to think of our knees and back gently releasing away from each other.

How did you get on?

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 A study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine in November 2015, demonstrated that participants with chronic neck pain who attended one-to-one Alexander Technique lessons had nearly a third less pain and incapacity than those who received usual GP-led care alone.