Cars break down, so do we but do you treat your car much better than yourself?

Do you or have you ever suffered pain, maybe back or neck pain which has really stopped you in your tracks? It may have even prevented you from doing some of the things you love, running, gym, playing music etc.

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Lets think about a car for a moment

Imagine you are driving your car but things start to feel a bit wrong with it, firstly you ignore it hoping that it will just sort itself out but it seems to be getting worse. Is it the clutch or the brake sticking? You know that if you don’t do something soon that it might break down all together and that’ll be really costly. You have tried different garages but it keeps breaking down.

This is a bit like us,

we get a niggle and things don’t feel quite right but we ignore it hoping things will sort themselves out, but often it does get worse. We don’t change anything, keep ploughing ahead, rushing about etc but we don’t consider that if we don’t stop, things may break down altogether do we? Pain should be our “System Wake Up Call to STOP” and check things out.

So back to the car

We know that we don’t know much about the inner workings of a car (or at least I don’t) so we take it to a specialist and they take a look, they maybe tut and tell you some good news and bad news. The good news is they can fix things, make a few minor adjustments but they also suggest that when you are driving you make sure the handbrake is completing off and that you don’t drive too fast and then slam the breaks on, what a blinking cheek! ( A mechanic gave me similar advice once and I was quite annoyed but then putting it into practice I realised he was right and my brake pads lasted a lot longer).
He says he is going to align your wheels too. The bad news is that although it won’t take too long, it will cost over £240 for their time and expertise but everything will work much better, almost like new and it should last a whole lot longer as long as you slightly change how you drive it. I told you this guy was cheeky.

So back to us!

How much do we really know about our inner workings and body mechanics, we weren’t taught this in school and I certainly didn’t have any idea where the top of my spine was and hip joints were etc until I saw a specialist.

My Alexander Technique Teacher was my specialist

 I did try lots of others first, Osteopath, Chiropractor, Massage etc and they worked fine, well for a few days or a week but after a while the pain kept returning and it was costing me a fortune.

Just like the mechanic my Alexander Teacher also gave me good and bad news.

She said that with a few minor adjustments things would work much better but gripping my neck was a bit like driving a car with the handbrake on. She encouraged me to stop rushing about (like driving too fast) and not to ignore the pain but start to learn to move in a way that doesn’t cause pain. ( sounds similar to what the mechanic suggested). She also suggested that she could enable me to come back into alignment so I didn’t put so much strain on my body. She didn’t give me any bad news but said it shouldn’t take too long and that things would work much better, getting back to how i was when younger, much freer and open. (This is all sounding very similar to my broken down car situation). She suggested I do a course of lessons with 20% discount. It’d be £243 just like the car. I thought crickey, that’s quite a lot of money for me at the time but then I thought, if this was my car I probably wouldn’t blink at £243 as I need my car to get me about. So I figured I was worth it after all, I need this body to get me around and hopefully it’ll last a lot longer than my car! ( i’ve had 3 cars since then). It was the best money I ever spent and it so impressed me that I carried on and then spent 3 years and a whole bunch more of the green stuff to train to be a practitioner myself. Again the best investment that I have ever made, much better than a new car that’s for sure……….I move better now than I did when I was a teenager and have just turned 50, with no pain and feeling much less anxious and stressed than I used to.

A mechanic may replace some worn out bits on your car, a surgeon might do the same but wouldn’t it be great if we learnt to use ourselves more efficiently and effectively so things didn’t wear out.

CONCLUSION: So what is common between us and a car?

Cars break down, so do we.We might ignore the first signs of trouble but does that strategy work for the car or us? We seek a specialist or get things replaced (Is this enough without some re-education). Learning how the car works or ourselves and how to use it efficiently would definitely help. Wheels can be re aligned on a car, we can be re aligned too.
So what’s the difference between us and a car? You can scrap your car when it’s finally worn out and buy a completely new one but we can’t scrap ourselves and trade ourselves in for a completely new one. My dear old Mum used to say “You’re a long time dead” or in other words, “None of us are getting out of here alive”  so let us make the best of what we have NOW!

Note – Any exercise regime or treatment method that doesn’t address the total mind and body, breathing system may have its limitations

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