Does the Alexander technique really make you happy?

As the Government tries to measure happiness, I started to think well does the Alexander Technique make people happy? I know I love teaching it myself and that part of that is seeing people change. You can literally see it in people’s faces, they light up!

Why is this? Well it can be for different reasons.

• PAIN GOES – People often find the reason they came for lessons ie: pain for example starts to dissipate. Pain can be exhausting so when it goes we have a lot more energy.

• IN CONTROL -They start to feel happier in their bodies/skin. Just by relearning how your body moves in a lengthening and more balanced way people start to feel more in control and stronger.

• DEAL WITH STRESS – They learn how to react differently in situations which previously would have made them feel stressed or anxious. We call this Inhibition ie: stopping and realising what we are up to! We do have a choice of how we react.

• MORE ABLE – If people pay attention to their body USE, they start to release into activity rather than pushing and pulling. They can then do sports or activities that they used to do years before or even take up new activities with renewed vigour.

• BREATHING FREE – As people’s USE changes they often find their breathing improves. Free and natural breathing is wonderful.

• CONFIDENCE – People often report that they feel more confident in themselves, which helps them in their relationships at home and at work.

I found learning the Alexander Technique allowed me to take back control rather than being a slave to pain. Also as I get older I’m finding my balance is getting better when in theory things should start to deteriorate. It has helped me in many aspects of my life. Personally I believe applying the principals of The Alexander Technique has helped me to feel happier. I can recognise the signs of when I am getting stressed or anxious and use practical strategies to help me out of that habitual pattern.

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