Fibromyalgia – “Excellent Results” Nick T

Fibromyalgia manifests itself as muscle and connective tissue pain. Tender points may be in the shoulders, front and back, in the crook of the elbows, lower back, knees. There may be widespread pain, fatigue and even joint stiffness.

It is thought that this may be related to stress and in Alexander Technique we help our neuromuscular system out of the stress reaction pattern.

The stress pattern is similar to the startle reflex pattern (Fight or Flight), which naturally happens when we hear an unexpected loud bang. We also go into this pattern without realising it when we are stressed.

The head may well pull back, the spine will shorten, the back and tummy will pull towards each other and the shoulders come up and in, the legs come up and in and even the heels pull up.

We can become “Stuck” in a start of tension and this tension cycle exacerbates the situation.

Semi supine or Constructive rest in Alexander Technique can really help. It gives us time to stop and realise what is going on. We can safely learn to ungrip the body and start to move in a freer way.

There is a way the body likes to move and a way that it doesn’t. Getting into better balance helps also and freeing up the neck on top of the spine can give great relief.

In Alexander Technique we give preventative thoughts (Directions), which are the opposite to the startle reflex pattern:

“Let our necks be free so that our heads can go forward and up so that our backs can lengthen and widen. Out and away across the upper arms, knees forward and away, heels dropping”

Using our minds in this way our muscles start to respond in a much freer way.

Here are a couple of comments from my clients who suffered from Fibromyalgia and which the Technique has really helped.

I have recently had a debilitating post-viral illness with, among other symptoms, muscular pains in my limbs: again I found that the basic Alexander exercises have been immensely helpful for my well being. I am profoundly grateful for his directions and help. - Dr David Mellor

Mark is an excellent Alexander Technique Practitioner. I had no knowledge of the technique before visiting him, but hoped that he would be able to help my fibromyalgia/permanent pain syndrome.

Mark worked wonders with me, using his knowledge of the technique to help me develop it’s practical application in my day-to-day life, with excellent results, and at a very reasonable cost.

I will certainly be using Mark’s services again, at the very least to refresh my use of the technique, and have no hesitation in highly recommending him to anyone seeking help with problems such as mine.

- Nick Titchener

All I ask for when someone comes to lessons is that they are willing and open to change. Why not try an introductory session for yourself by booking online. You maybe surprised at the results.