Hassan’s Story after 20 years of back pain -“This was the therapy I had needed all those years”

This is Hassan’s story after just 9 sessions: In his own words –

“Since my adolescence, I have suffered from a degenerative wear and tear arthritic disease in my spine, which has given me constant lower back pain for more than 20 years. Although I had heard of the Alexander Technique, I hadn’t taken it seriously and thought of it as just another ‘alternative’ therapy. However, during the Brighton & Hove City Council’s TAKE PART event of Alexander Technique taster sessions, I was surprised to learn that this was the therapy I had needed for all those years and soon booked a course of lessons with Mark Claireaux.

As a therapy, I now understand that the Alexander Technique is a remedy for a vast array of different ailments. Mark studied my case to tailor the course to suit my particular needs. We covered a number of different areas of day to day tasks and movements including balance, sitting, standing, crouching, lifting, reaching, walking and breathing. As I manage a language business and so work from an office, we also looked at posture when working at a computer and, as I have an allotment, we even looked at how to improve my digging! Apart from the physical, an important complementary part of the Alexander Technique is being in a relaxed mental state and daily relaxation exercises were given to me to practice during my spare time.

The transformation from having constant lower back pain to being almost free from this burden was remarkable in just a short space of time. It is quite incredible how moving in my old habitual way I feel pain and now moving in an Alexander Technique way I do not. I hope to continue learning more about this life changing therapy and would strongly recommend anyone who is experiencing similar back pain to mine to book a course of lessons with Mark Claireaux”. Hassan Khabbazeh

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