Headaches? Could they become a thing of the past? 4 of my clients say ‘Yes they can’!


Hazel’s story

“I can’t remember the last time I had a headache after 15 years or more”

Hazel came to the Alexander Technique for neck and upper back pain. After only a few sessions the daily headaches started to reduce. One week she came for her lesson and I asked her how were the headaches. “I can’t remember the last time I had a headache which is amazing because I’ve been having them for 15 years or more, also I feel I have so much more energy” she said. Hazel has really changed, you can see that in the way she moves around.

Sanna’s Story

 Daily headaches gone

Sanna has noticed that she’s not getting those daily headaches anymore. Many of my clients report this, infact I am working with a couple of school teachers at the moment who have suffered debilitating headaches and migraines and we are getting great results. One of the main benefits of Alexander Technique sessions is enabling a freer neck.  Tension headaches can arise from a stiff and immobile neck. Working to free up our breathing can also contribute to fewer headaches. Sanna’s overall posture has much improved, she is no longer TRYING to sit and stand up straight (which involved pulling her head back and pulling her shoulders down). Sanna now feels much more comfortable in sitting and standing and it is less work for her too. Sanna’s neck and shoulders no longer hurt like they used to either.

John Steven’s story

“I was working in a very stress laden environment (financial services industry). Mark helped me to realise that I needed to release tension as it occurred, not allow it to build up to fever pitch i.e. Migraines and to take time throughout my day to check my posture and muscle state. Mark makes the lessons fun, interesting, worthwhile and helps you take control of the way you react to stress.”


Liz’s story

Headaches gone

Liz is a young lady in her early twenties, she came to me due to tension headaches which she had been suffering 3 to 4 a week for over three years and they tended to last all afternoon. It is no coincidence that she also complained of shoulder and neck pain most of the time.

Liz reported that she found standing for long periods difficult. After just 3 lessons the headaches reduced and by lesson 6 she was no longer getting the headaches at all. As she has learned to support herself the tension disappeared from her neck and back.

How did this happen? Well Liz was standing completely out of support with her feet turned out with more of the weight on the insides of her feet. This created undue tension in her legs, narrowing her back and even creating excessive holding in the shoulders and neck, all of which may have contributed to the headaches.

It may also interesting to note that headaches can be due to stress, anxiety, fear or even depression. Alexander Technique is here to help.

So next time you reach for the paracetamol bottle have a thought about how an Alexander Technique practitioner might help you. There are many teachers to choose from. If you’d like to try an introductory session for yourself in Brighton book here


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