How could you improve your Pilates practice? Emily and Julia’s stories.

Emily is a dance and Pilates instructor and has good body awareness but since a car accident she has suffered a degree of neck pain.
Sometimes we can’t see past the pain and simply exercising is not going to resolve the problem. We need to look at our habits. Together we discovered that Emily tensed her neck more at certain times than at others, perhaps when she was stressed or under pressure. Just acknowledging this and catching herself in those moments she was able to undo alot of the tension.

This is what she has to say about her lessons:

“I have been having private sessions with Mark for a few months and have found Alexander technique really beneficial. I am a Pilates teacher so already have good body awareness but I have found this technique has heightened my awareness of some bad habits I was developing in my movement patterns. It has really helped with my own approach to teaching Pilates and Mark has been an excellent teacher and made me discover lots of new things about my body. I would highly recommend Alexander technique with Mark to help with any back problems”

Emily Wilson, aged 30, Dance and Pilates teacher.

Julia was also keen on Pilates but had to give it up due to neck and back pain. Again we looked at what Julia was up to in her daily life. She had quite a stressful job and reacted to this “TOO MUCH TO DO” by tensing and almost squashing herself. Again half the batttle was to recognise this, pause and choose another path involving creating a bit more space, lengthening and widening in her body.
I got Julia to ask herself several times a day “What am I up to now? Am I tensing and squashing myself or can I give myself more internal space?”
Sometimes when we’re stressed we go into the ‘startle reflex pattern’ ( We do the same when we hear a loud and sudden noise). We need to realise when we are doing this, so next time you feel your shoulders are creeping up around your ears say to yourself: “STOP WHAT AM I DOING TO MYSELF?
Fill in the space eg: It’s not a grizzly bear, it’s just i have a big workload, or the kids are playing up, or someone is playing their music loudly etc.

This helped Julia and this is what she had to say about her lessons:

“Severe backpain stopped me from doing any exercise for nearly a year. Through Alexander Technique I have been able to start up my Pilates lessons again and I can also go on long walks and be painfree”

Julia Schmid

If you are interested in moving away from painful habits and maybe even improving your particular exercise regime look into the Alexander Technique. Book online