How I discovered not to be a slave to time…..


Do you find yourself rushing around from one thing to the next, you may be feeling that there is not enough time for everything you have to do? Maybe even more so as we come up to the holidays?

Well you wouldn’t be on your own. This sense of ‘rushing’ is like a drug and we can become hooked on it without even realising it.

What is time? Measuring time in terms of hours, minutes etc was invented by humans and obviously very useful but do we need to be a slave to it?

I am one of those annoying people who always likes to be on time and feel stressed if i’m late, however I now notice that something very physical happens in our body when rushing or worrying about being late. Basically our bodies tighten. Take a look at this drawing, you can see he is rushing. Head poked forward, literally ahead of himself. there will be a lot of tension inside as well. Maybe a tightening in the chest and tummy, arms and legs may also be tight, restricting movement.









Go for a walk and imagine you are running late for a train (Even better try it when you are rushing for something) –

‘Oh no i’m going to be late…..’

Think that you need to rush and notice what is happening in your body. (Most of the time we do not notice and we may not make the connection of our thinking to our bodies)

As my Embodied Yoga teacher says:

‘Your body is not just a taxi for your brain to get around’! 

So really notice your neck, shoulders, chest, tummy and legs.

What did you notice? Was it just a mental thing?

Now do this again and change the thought from ‘Rushing’ to ‘I HAVE TIME’ – keep repeating this to yourself. Is this different in your body? Different how? Notice those same places, your neck, shoulders, chest, tummy and legs?

Was it different? I notice that I can even see clearer which means i’m being present in the moment rather than being ahead of myself in mind and body. Did you get that too?

The great news is that this thought actually frees up your body so you can move faster, you could even go into a run or trot and think ‘I HAVE TIME…..’

If you think about it, if you are mentally ‘rushing’ this probably means you are tightening which in turn restricts movement and may therefore slow us down.

If you mentally calm your system down by mentally saying ‘I have time’ you are freeing yourself to ‘move with ease’ and therefore quicker if you choose to.

In Alexander Technique sessions we use our thinking to really change how we react in the body. Yes there are aspects of body mechanics that are very beneficial to get clearer on too.


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