It’s cold outside, what are you doing on the inside? 3 tips to help.


We are now in the full grip of winter but have you ever noticed what effect the cold is having on the way we stand or walk? What is really going on inside us?

Are we pulling our head into our shoulders and holding onto our arms, belly and legs ? The effect of this is actually the opposite to what we might want. This tightening in the muscles restricts blood flow to the tissues.


Tip 1 – This is an obvious tip I know but  invest in a scarf and wrap up warm!! Let the back of your neck soften onto that scarf and let your head just balance ontop of your spine (the spine meets your skull up between your ear lobes). There is space above the crown of your head, let your head occupy just a little bit of that space without pushing up.

Tip 2 -Allow your arms to be soft and be long allowing them to swing forward and back as you walk. This is more likely to keep the blood flowing and keep you warm.

Tip 3 – Soften your belly and let your legs be soft and long.

Give it a go, what have you got to loose? Maybe some unwanted tension. Let me know if any of these tips help.