Lulu’s age defying secrets include Alexander Technique

Sunday’s Daily Mail includes an article of Lulu’s tips for a younger you:

“The fastest way to lose 5lb and take off five years is to stand up straight. I can remember going shopping with my mum and I’d sort of schlump when I was trying on clothes — and she’d narrow her eyes and give me such a look!

I’ve studied the Alexander Technique in the past, which really helps with posture (and so does yoga). As part of the Alexander Technique training, you imagine being gently pulled up by a string attached to the top of the head — where the fontanelle (the soft part of a baby’s skull) is. You feel your neck lengthening. The arms should be relaxed and heavy, but not so heavy that they drag down your shoulders.

Keep your back straight and your buttocks relaxed. (You don’t want them to stick out like a duck’s bum, or have a swayback.) In a relaxed way, put your shoulders back — even if you’ve got boobs and you’re self-conscious about them — and open that chest. It not only looks better, it opens the throat and makes it easier to breathe properly. I took up the Alexander Technique because I’d noticed on TV that my posture wasn’t great. But, importantly, it also helps you to feel more at ease in your body — and clothes sit better on a woman who’s comfortable with herself.

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