Top 12 posture tips for working at the computer.

It’s not what you do, but the way that you do it that counts

Tip 1 – As you look at your screen right now your eye level should be horizontal to the top of the screen. Is your head poking forward towards the screen? Beware of getting SUCKED in.

Tip 2FEET! Where are they as you sit there? Forward of knees or tucked under your chair? Twisted or contorted? Can you leave them under your knees? Flat as possible (Not always possible depending on height of chair)

Tip 3 – Think of your computer mouse as a ROCK rather than hovering your hand over it in tension.Are you tensing your whole arm? See if you can let go.

Tip 4 – As you work with your computer mouse your little finger should line up roughly with the outer line of your forearm. If you are turning the hand out this can cause tension in the forearm/RSI.

[button url="url" target="_blank|_self" style="xsmall|small|normal"]Tip 5[/button] – TYPING! Can you use the natural curve of your hands? You shouldn’t be pulling your hands back on your wrists.

Tip 6The letters ‘G’ and ‘H’ on your keypad should be central to you and your screen. (A disadvantage of most laptops).

Tip 7 – Sitting there your knees should be at roughly 90 degree angle and your back should be also 90 degrees to your legs. Remember never to FIX a position. Be open enough to sway a bit.

Tip 8 – Your monitor screen should be one arm width away i.e.: If you reach out now you should just touch the screen with your finger tips.

Tip 9 – Take regular 15 second ‘Visual breaks’ from looking at your screen and take in the room around you.

Tip 10 – Whilst working at your computer can you still be aware of the room around you? Check out the vision to your sides (Peripheral vision).

Tip 11Let your chair support you as if you’ve just sprouted it from underneath you. The chair is your legs!

Tip 12 – As you sit at the computer try not to narrow in and then you won’t get sucked in! Helps you to focus too!

Image c/o Imogen Ragone (Body Intelligence)

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