How I found out that my body ain’t no taxi!

When I started having Alexander Technique 17 years ago, I had no real sense of my body, all I knew was that I had regular back and neck pain. In fact I felt my body was a bit broken. One of the first things I learned was that........ Notice when you are in one of the following states, what is happening in ... More

6 Tips for living with less stress – The Power of the PAUSE…….

Do you feel you are just too busy, rushing from one thing to the next? Getting that stressed out feeling? Does pain get in the way of doing the things you really want to do? , Say "I have time" Pause….. If you can recognise this and accept things if they slightly go wrong, you may feel less tense in your own ... More

How I discovered not to be a slave to time…..

Do you find yourself rushing around from one thing to the next, you may be feeling that there is not enough time for everything you have to do? Maybe even more so as we come up to the holidays? Well you wouldn’t be on your own. This sense of 'rushing' is like a drug and we can become hooked on it without even ... More

3 Tips to stay calm, when everyone around is losing it.

  However were you calm in your own body. If you took the words away, it may have looked like aggression, not calmness. So to learn how to be calm in your own body try this: - SOFTEN THE FOLLOWING : THE TONGUE, THE THROAT, THE CHEST, THE TUMMY RIGHT THOUGH THE LEGS AND MAYBE INCLUDE ARMS When we ... More

Headaches? Could they become a thing of the past? 4 of my clients say ‘Yes they can’!

  Hazel came to the Alexander Technique for neck and upper back pain. After only a few sessions the daily headaches started to reduce. One week she came for her lesson and I asked her how were the headaches. "I can't remember the last time I had a headache which is amazing because I've been having them for ... More

It’s cold outside, what are you doing on the inside? 3 tips to help.

  Are we pulling our head into our shoulders and holding onto our arms, belly and legs ? The effect of this is actually the opposite to what we might want. This tightening in the muscles restricts blood flow to the tissues.   - This is an obvious tip I know but  invest in a scarf and wrap up ... More

Back pain – Why me? My latest insights.

However pictures don't tell the whole story. I looked 'Open and Free' up until 4 years old. We are a record of what happened to us or what we have experienced. My mother used to say “Don’t mind him he’s dreadfully shy”! Question: What do you think I did in my body? Answer: I now recognise 'I ... More

Deskbound or not – 5 things you need to know about your body

Many of us have busy lives and maybe a sedentary office job.  However when pain and stress strikes this can be challenging. Have you had to give up your passion due to pain or an injury? Running, playing football, gym classes, dancing…….etc. If we could remind ourselves of 5 things instinctively we knew about our ... More

Spinal neurosurgeon talks about the usefulness of Alexander Technique.

"97% of people with back pain could benefit by learning the Alexander Technique – it is only a very small minority of back pain sufferers that require medical intervention such as surgery" Dr. Jack Stern, MD is a neurosurgeon in White Plains, New York specializing in spine neurosurgery. He is also a faculty ... More

Put on your own oxygen mask before helping others……

That rings a bell……..I had to read this out in the early days when I was a flight attendant, many moons ago.   The main reason it is so important is because people often want to help others, maybe their child or relative first and foremost. This is a natural instinct for many people and is very ... More