‘Quality of life increased enormously’ – Daily Mail article

  THE CURE: Alexander Technique. HOW OFTEN: A course of 24 lessons, then daily. HOW IT WORKS: Regular activity has long been known to ease chronic back pain, but a study published in the British Medical Journal in 2008 suggested the popular postural awareness therapy Alexander Technique could ... More

Running with the Alexander Technique

In the Evening Standard there was an interesting article : 'The Best Ways to Jog Yourself Fit', the Alexander Technique came out very well and gives some good tips. Here is an extract: On the wrong side of 45 and having abandoned the gym long ago, I knew I had to get back into exercise. I'd tried running after ... More

Lesley Garrett uses Alexander Technique – Guardian article.

  Lesley Garrett'sarticle in The Guardian ' The body needs to be full of energy' where she tells of the importance of standing correctly and how the Alexander Technique has helped: Read the full article More

RSI – Alexander Technique can help

Tina is a florist and has been suffering from RSI for sometime. She has been coming to me for a course of 8 lessons and today was a real turning point. Her back pain has reduced and her RSI in both arms is almost non-existent. Tina is so pleased as she will be able to continue working as a florist which she really loves.... More

Video explaining ‘Alexander Technique and the Back pain trial’

Part 1: Part 2: Book an introductory session here More

A video of the man himself – Frederick Alexander

Take a look at this rare video footage of FM Alexander taken from TheSTATchannel on YouTube:   More

Mike get’s his voice back…

I have been working with Mike for some time now and we have seen a real change in him (See Testimonial here). Mike has been struggling with his voice for over 4 years now. However we have recently been doing some work on his breathing and voice and things seem to be getting better. He reports that his voice is not so ... More

Hope for back pain sufferers

Here is an article I wrote for 'Tutor Pages' - hope you find it interesting: Read article More

Ugly Betty – We’ve arrived!

Did anyone see 'Ugly Betty' last night on Channel 4? Alexander Technique mentioned. Glad to see the Americans are catching on... More