‘Quality of life increased enormously’ – Daily Mail article


In theDaily Mail there was an article on how choosing the right exercise can cure your health problems which included the Alexander Technique for back pain.

Here is an extract: BACK PAIN THE CURE: Alexander Technique.
HOW OFTEN: A course of 24 lessons, then daily.
HOW IT WORKS: Regular activity has long been known to ease chronic back pain, but a study published in the British Medical Journal in 2008 suggested the popular postural awareness therapy Alexander Technique could provide the greatest benefit.

Devised by Frederick Matthias Alexander, an Australian actor who suffered stress induced breathing problems, this method re- educates the body to achieve postural harmony.

A teacher will assess your posture and how you move about. Then he or she will teach you how to sit up straight, walk without hunching over and other techniques to improve balance and co-ordination and relieve pressure on the spine.

Professor Paul Little, a primary care specialist who specialises in back problems, found that one year after the trial started, the average number of activities limited by back pain had fallen by 42 per cent in the Alexander group, and the number of days in pain were only three a month, compared with 21 days in the control group. The Alexander group said their quality of life increased enormously as they were pain-free.

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