Running with the Alexander Technique

In the Evening Standard there was an interesting article :
‘The Best Ways to Jog Yourself Fit’, the Alexander Technique came out very well and gives some good tips. Here is an extract:

THE RIGHT MOVES By Jackie Annesley

On the wrong side of 45 and having abandoned the gym long ago, I knew I had to get back into exercise. I’d tried running after one of the children was born but my knees protested. So I turned to the Alexander Technique for help.

Its core principle is to bring your body into balance. Noel says: “You need to run efficiently, and for that you must lengthen’ in stature as you run.”
First he showed me how to free up my neck and allow my head to “balance” on top of my spine. Another rule is to relax the shoulders, keep the arms bent, hands flexible and to lead with the knees, not the feet.

This prevents muscles over-tightening which can lead to neck and lower back damage. And never tuck your bottom in. Instead, think of your back widening as you run.

Verdict? It works. There was no more knee ache because AT improved my posture. About 4lb seems to have fallen off me, fortuitously around my thighs. Some mornings I think I could run for ever. I’ve even fantasised about running the London Marathon. Perhaps one day.

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