When Sitting, Think Of Standing!

SquatWhat? I hear you cry, that’s madness!

Well if you move in a balanced way your feet don’t really change in going from standing to sitting.

Most people come out of balance from standing to sitting, they either move forward on their feet, back on their feet or even on the insides or outsides. Have a go now and see what your pattern is. In most cases then the legs will tense as you come off balance and as you are all joined up so will the back and the neck tense in response!

(Note: In both these photos a trained eye can see that the neck is free, head balancing in a forwards and up direction, back lengthening, knees forward and away over feet but not further than the toes).

toddler-squatWhat tends to happen if you move into sitting as if still standing evenly on your feet is that you end up using much less muscular tension, your joints of the ankles, knees and hips move at the same time. Your hips go back in space, your neck will be freer and your knees will tend to go forward and away over you feet. In effect your body is lengthening in activity rather than pulling, pushing and squashing itself. Your neuromuscular system will work this out if you leave everything alone, trust your body wants to balance and say ‘I’m still standing’ as you move into the chair, you really don’t need to work out how to do it .

Also note this is not dissimilar to how a toddler moves. See the similarity between these two pictures?

When we reach the chair we can allow your sitting bones to support us, it is literally like standing on the chair. I love this image form Yoga. It is also good to remember that it is the Pelvis that supports the spine, the spine supports the ribs, the ribs support the bones of the arms and the head is nicely poised in an ‘Up and forward direction’ (If things are working well).

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