6 Tips for living with less stress – The Power of the PAUSE…….

What are your biggest challenges for 2019?

Do you feel you are just too busy, rushing from one thing to the next? Getting that stressed out feeling? Does pain get in the way of doing the things you really want to do?

If you change nothing, nothing will change so here are just a few tips:

1 – Slow down, Say “I have time” Pause…..

2 – Accepting that ‘Perfection’ is not always possible. If you can recognise this and accept things if they slightly go wrong, you may feel less tense in your own body. Pause……..

3 – Self Care – Make room for rest, maybe some lying down in Constructive rest? Go through your Alexander directions (these are the opposite to the startle reflex or stress pattern so will help you to undo). Other mindfulness practices are great too. Pause…….


4 – Resolving Conflict – We can all have conflict, whether it is with a partner, family member or at work or even with friends. When in conflict, breath out and think of something you like about the other person. (It could be as random as their ear lobes but it’ll help you to relax in your own body). Pause……

5 – Change yourself, not others – Realising you can’t change others but you can change how you react to them is empowering. Pause…….


6 – Remember WHY you are doing something (e.g.: meeting with family or friends, giving a talk). Finding a reason why you WANT to be there or do something (ie; with family, with friends, preparing food etc) is much more relaxing that resisting or resenting being there. Pause…….

“I want to do it because…………” Fill in the blank.


When angry……..PAUSE

When stressed ……….PAUSE

When tired……….PAUSE

When in doubt……… PAUSE


The PAUSE is valuable in all the 6 points above so remember a pause is a space where we can choose to:

A – React

B – To not react

C – Or a t least ‘not to react’ in our normal habitual way.



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