TIP 1 – Trying to fix your posture? Why that may not work! What to try instead……..

When I first came to The Alexander Technique like many others I thought “Ah, it’s all about posture, so I must try and stand and sit up straight” Unfortunately that got in the way of things. I was in a hurry to fix my poor posture and DO IT RIGHT, especially as I had a bad back. I didn’t connect that the reason my posture was so bad was more to do with emotional issues as a child. My mother introduced me as ‘Shy’, so I did ‘Shy’ in my body.  Dad was authoritarian and so was the Catholic school I attended, there was bullying as well which didn’t help my pulled in tension patterns.


Myself c1983 aged 17


The other thing that added to my stress was being told:  “Sit up straight boy, shoulders back, chest out”.  Unfortunately a lot of my pupils try this when they first arrive but I explain that what they are doing isn’t actually straight at all, they are in fact, tensing their necks and pulling their heads back out of alignment. I will never tell you to “Sit or stand up straight” but unfortunately this is what people think we want………
I was doing the same and it was actually tension forming, in fact it wasn’t helping me to be more comfortable or reduce pain.

I soon learnt that fixing a “Posture” was not such a great idea, it meant that I was fixing my muscles and instead I was encouraged to:


It was probably some of the best advice I was given in those first sessions, so I allowed myself to be as I say to some of my pupils “Open to sway”. This thinking encouraged my system to take on the idea of lengthening and widening over gripping and holding. Pain started to reduce and I had a feeling of  being more open and free, I even felt less up tight.

I turned 50 in 2016 , yikes! but I feel much more in control of my destiny and I move better now than I did when I was a teenager. I also feel so much happier because I have learnt through body work, how and where these strong emotions manifest in my body and I’ve found the tools to release this unwanted tension.

markMyself recently aged 50.

Why not look into a session for yourself, remembering it is more about Mindfulness in action. All you have to lose in unwanted tension. You can see my availability and book online here or follow my Facebook page for mindfulness tips and advice @TheBodyDeStressed