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Internal Posture? What’s that all about?

Even with my 15 years of Alexander Technique experience I got a sense of down on the inside. I didn’t panic and it hadn’t lead to any actual physical pain (yet). I am quite curious so I looked literally into myself. I got a sense of my upper chest pulling down a bit more than it had. Was I depressed? Was this ... More

So called ‘Good Posture’ – what does that even mean?

I questioned myself when writing this blog as I don’t even like using the word ‘Posture’, however this is the reason many of my pupils come to me. They report that they have ‘Bad Posture’ which might be a reason for their pain or discomfort. Maybe when we are in discomfort it is our body trying to tell ... More

Put on your own oxygen mask before helping others……

That rings a bell……..I had to read this out in the early days when I was a flight attendant, many moons ago.   The main reason it is so important is because people often want to help others, maybe their child or relative first and foremost. This is a natural instinct for many people and is very ... More

Trying to have good posture? It could damage your health.

There is a lot of talk about the importance of good posture these days. You hear it in gyms, yoga sessions, Pilates and even the very popular barefoot running. However when you say to people “Think about your posture” they tend to TRY and stand up straight, possibly holding onto their legs , heaving up their chests ... More

Daniel’s chronic back pain

Daniel came to me with with chronic lower back pain. He wasn't even able to sit on a chair in his first session. Tricky I thought so we worked with getting him more balanced on his feet, lying on a table in the classic semi supine position ( which he loves as it eleviates the pain) and leaning against a wall. At ... More

Lesley Garrett uses Alexander Technique – Guardian article.

  Lesley Garrett'sarticle in The Guardian ' The body needs to be full of energy' where she tells of the importance of standing correctly and how the Alexander Technique has helped: Read the full article More

Video explaining ‘Alexander Technique and the Back pain trial’

Part 1: Part 2: Book an introductory session here More

Mike get’s his voice back…

I have been working with Mike for some time now and we have seen a real change in him (See Testimonial here). Mike has been struggling with his voice for over 4 years now. However we have recently been doing some work on his breathing and voice and things seem to be getting better. He reports that his voice is not so ... More