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Body Mapping Workshops available in Brighton – Course Content

HAVE A BETTER BODY IMAGE? MORE MOBILITY? BE PAIN FREE? FEEL LESS STRESSED?   THIS IS A VERY PRACTICAL WORKSHOP:   We  focus on ‘Body mapping’, the process of constructively applying an understanding of anatomy, to improve how we move. The body map is one’s self-representation in one’s own ... More

TIP 1 – Trying to fix your posture? Why that may not work! What to try instead……..

When I first came to The Alexander Technique like many others I thought “Ah, it’s all about posture, so I must try and stand and sit up straight” Unfortunately that got in the way of things. I was in a hurry to fix my poor posture and DO IT RIGHT, especially as I had a bad back. I didn't connect that the reason my ... More

One great way to lose weight without going on a diet……and how it could help your back or neck pain.

Firstly it is good to note that having a bad back or neck is very rarely to do with being a bit over weight. I have watched performance dancers who you could say are very large, even obese but they know how the body works, how gravity works and they move incredibly efficiently and effectively. (Obviously loosing some ... More

6 tips for walking (It’s getting cold out there……but are we getting hunched?)

but have you noticed what you are doing as a result? Look around you as you walk and you will see people hunching their shoulders, hands gripped or in their pockets etc. Do you think this is making them warmer? The effect of this extra tension is actually the opposite to what we want. This tightening in the muscles ... More

Cars break down, so do we but do you treat your car much better than yourself?

Do you or have you ever suffered pain, maybe back or neck pain which has really stopped you in your tracks? It may have even prevented you from doing some of the things you love, running, gym, playing music etc. Imagine you are driving your car but things start to feel a bit wrong with it, firstly you ignore it hoping ... More

Major Study into Neck Pain.

(Reuters Health) – Acupuncture sessions and Alexander Technique lessons both seem to improve the symptoms of chronic neck pain after one year, according to a new study. Alexander Technique involves hands-on lessons for self-care in everyday activities, aimed at reducing poor posture, excess muscle tension, poor ... More

SLUMPING or TRYING to sit up straight. – Are these the only options?

What does this statement mean? Well my default position was slumped but I wouldn’t say it was comfortable. In fact from a very young age I suffered back, neck and shoulder pain. I honestly did TRY and sit up straight but I couldn’t maintain it and in some ways it felt worse on my back.Me c1978 aged 12 years So we are ... More

Tips for good posture. It doesn’t need to be a struggle.

"4 Giant Misconceptions About Posture" Guest Blog by Amira Alvarez People regularly come to me and say, often in a guilty voice, "I know I have terrible posture. I should try harder to sit up straight. My husband/wife/mother/doctor is constantly telling me to sit up straight. I just can't seem to do it. And my back ... More

Why Back or Neck Pain? Look at the cause.

This is a question we seldom ask ourselves, we just treat the symptom. We get manipulated, stretched, massaged, done to, if you like or take a pill. So ask yourself WHY BACK PAIN? Now there may be many and varied answers to this question. Are we out of balance and tense in our movements, ie: poor posture? Are our ... More

Your Body Wants to Balance! Alexander Technique shows you how.

Have you ever thought why toddlers are so springy or why some dancers (like Fred Astaire) move with such ease or why do some sportsmen/women play so effortless (like Federer)? What do they have in common? They have great balance. So my body wants to balance eh! So why do I have tension (back or neck pain, shoulder or ... More