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An unbelievable story…..How I went from having Body tics to channeling ‘Healing’. 

 There has been much change happening and it seems I am not alone in this. Of course ‘change’ is happening all the time but things for me have happened really fast.  I believe my body started to tic slightly after my Mum died 6 years ago - During my Alexander Technique Constructive rest my left shoulder would ... More

Internal Posture? What’s that all about?

Even with my 15 years of Alexander Technique experience I got a sense of down on the inside. I didn’t panic and it hadn’t lead to any actual physical pain (yet). I am quite curious so I looked literally into myself. I got a sense of my upper chest pulling down a bit more than it had. Was I depressed? Was this ... More

So called ‘Good Posture’ – what does that even mean?

I questioned myself when writing this blog as I don’t even like using the word ‘Posture’, however this is the reason many of my pupils come to me. They report that they have ‘Bad Posture’ which might be a reason for their pain or discomfort. Maybe when we are in discomfort it is our body trying to tell ... More


  Before I started Alexander Technique I had no sense of my body really, all I knew way that it was letting me down. I suffered regular episodes of neck or back pain. Noticing some other people, it seemed like they had received the manual, they seemed to move with ease and experienced no pain. (Fred ... More

How a small change = a massive shift in pain experienced.

When my clients come to me I take a brief history and then we start to look at a simple every day activity like moving in and out of a chair. When I told a new client Theresa (name changed for client confidentiality) recently that this is what we were going to do she said “Well as long as you don’t get me to ... More

The man who shot himself in the foot…… 3 things to help with pain.

- A builder using a nail gun shot himself in the foot. Naturally he was in a lot of pain and had to be taken to A and E. The medical staff very carefully cut away his boot but he was in so much pain he had to be sedated. On removing the shoe they discovered that the nail had gone between his toes i.e.: it hadn't ... More

How I found out that my body ain’t no taxi!

When I started having Alexander Technique 17 years ago, I had no real sense of my body, all I knew was that I had regular back and neck pain. In fact I felt my body was a bit broken. One of the first things I learned was that........ Notice when you are in one of the following states, what is happening in ... More

6 Tips for living with less stress – The Power of the PAUSE…….

Do you feel you are just too busy, rushing from one thing to the next? Getting that stressed out feeling? Does pain get in the way of doing the things you really want to do? , Say "I have time" Pause….. If you can recognise this and accept things if they slightly go wrong, you may feel less tense in your own ... More

How I discovered not to be a slave to time…..

Do you find yourself rushing around from one thing to the next, you may be feeling that there is not enough time for everything you have to do? Maybe even more so as we come up to the holidays? Well you wouldn’t be on your own. This sense of 'rushing' is like a drug and we can become hooked on it without even ... More

3 Tips to stay calm, when everyone around is losing it.

  However were you calm in your own body. If you took the words away, it may have looked like aggression, not calmness. So to learn how to be calm in your own body try this: - SOFTEN THE FOLLOWING : THE TONGUE, THE THROAT, THE CHEST, THE TUMMY RIGHT THOUGH THE LEGS AND MAYBE INCLUDE ARMS When we ... More