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Back pain – Why me? My latest insights.

However pictures don't tell the whole story. I looked 'Open and Free' up until 4 years old. We are a record of what happened to us or what we have experienced. My mother used to say “Don’t mind him he’s dreadfully shy”! Question: What do you think I did in my body? Answer: I now recognise 'I ... More

Spinal neurosurgeon talks about the usefulness of Alexander Technique.

"97% of people with back pain could benefit by learning the Alexander Technique – it is only a very small minority of back pain sufferers that require medical intervention such as surgery" Dr. Jack Stern, MD is a neurosurgeon in White Plains, New York specializing in spine neurosurgery. He is also a faculty ... More

How could you improve your Pilates practice? Emily and Julia’s stories.

Emily is a dance and Pilates instructor and has good body awareness but since a car accident she has suffered a degree of neck pain. Sometimes we can't see past the pain and simply exercising is not going to resolve the problem. We need to look at our habits. Together we discovered that Emily tensed her neck more at ... More

Louisa’s story – shoulder and upper back pain

Louisa has been suffering from upper back and shoulder pain for some time. This is what she had to say after some Alexander lessons with me: "I had constant upper back and shoulder pain prior to contacting Mark. I knew the problem was postural - borne from sitting at a computer all day - but I didn’t know quite how to ... More

Alexander Technique – Frequently asked questions

What is Alexander Technique in a nutshell? This is like trying to explain the colour ‘red’ to someone who is colour blind. However it has been called ‘Neuromuscular re-education’ or simply learning to use yourself in a more co-ordinated way and with less tension. What do we aim to achieve? This depends ... More

Hope for back pain sufferers.

Back pain is the biggest cause of sickness absence in the UK and lower back pain affects 7 in 10 people at some time in their lives. A study published online by the British Medical Journal, referring to a trial with over 500 patients, offers some hope. Professor Paul Little of Southampton's faculty of medicine ... More

Sports injuries? Improve your performance

Are you tight as you go into movement? Have you locked your knees? Are you actually in support without undue tension? Is it possible to avoid using any muscles which are not needed for the activity itself? Could you be causing yourself a muscular imbalance? The way we go about training strongly affects both the ... More

Video explaining ‘Alexander Technique and the Back pain trial’

Part 1: Part 2: Book an introductory session here More