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Headaches? Could they become a thing of the past? 4 of my clients say ‘Yes they can’!

  Hazel came to the Alexander Technique for neck and upper back pain. After only a few sessions the daily headaches started to reduce. One week she came for her lesson and I asked her how were the headaches. "I can't remember the last time I had a headache which is amazing because I've been having them for ... More

Jo’s story – help with giving presentations.

Jo was sent to the Alexander Technique by her company coach, and the company paid for a course of lessons. The company felt that the way she came across in presentations was letting her down due to poor posture. Jo also suffered 3 or 4 headaches a week. After only a few sessions the headaches significantly reduced and this ... More

What Is Your Gut Feeling? 5 Tips to Help With Stress.

This common phrase we use if we are trying to make a decision about something, however do we notice what is happening there in our gut at different times during the day? Have you ever been head over heels in love, light headed or are you tight lipped? Do you have a nose for a bargain? Do you feel light ... More