Emily Cluley

Worked through the manifestations of trauma in my bodying learning grounding techniques. - ”Emily

“Mark is a highly skilled Alexander teacher who put me at ease as soon as I walked into his clinic. He worked with me to find personalised techniques to achieve body and mind wellness. Within the boundaries of his practice, Mark worked through the manifestations of trauma in my body and taught me grounding techniques. I didn’t work with him for long but the techniques he taught have stayed with me. Mark is patient and kind and I would highly recommend working with him.”


Jo Lodge

Learning Alexander Technique has been invaluable and I cannot recommend Mark more highly. - ”Jo


“Mark has been teaching me the Alexander Technique for the past six months. He is a fantastic teacher and has taught me how to move and sit in a different and more open way. I have learnt how emotions can affect posture and create tension in the body. Mark has also taught me methods which help with stressful and challenging situations. Learning the Alexander Technique has been invaluable and I cannot recommend Mark more highly.”


Cat Mason


My physical and emotional transformation from then to now, is astounding.  - Cat Mason

“I have been seeing Mark for a year now. My physical and emotional transformation from then to now, and I can say this proudly, is astounding. Alexander technique sessions have literally changed my life. I arrived with neck pain but we gradually unpacked all my stresses, anxieties and fearful thoughts to the point my neck has become completely free again. My palpitations and dizziness evaporated. I became aware of how to let go of tightness in my core.  Instead of saying ‘what if’ I now say ‘I can do this’ and I do it and I have replaced self doubt with self care on a daily basis. Alexander Technique is now an integral part of the way I live and manage my life. It’s great to live a life smiling not frowning. That’s the greatest gift ever. I cannot thank Mark enough for everything he has brought to me and taught.”



Paul McVeigh


I was in agony and could hardly walk……..since then, no trouble after 1 year. - Paul McVeigh (Writer)

“I was in agony and could hardly walk. I went to Alexander Technique Central Brighton after it was recommended by a friend and I haven’t had any trouble since and that was a year and half ago! Great sessions with lots of useful stuff to do at home that keep you healthy and your back and body in check. A great service and friendly instruction. Can’t recommend highly enough.”


Kathleen Kettles


No tension headache, no nervous tummy when giving a talk. - Kathleen Kettles

“I went to see Mark before I was due to give a talk to a group of therapists. I was quite nervous about it, and I was conscious that I risked racing through it, not only not enjoying giving the talk but not making any sense to my audience as I sped through it to get to the end! My session with Mark was more than remarkable! Through his guidance I started to feel my feet on the ground again, and as I delivered some of what I was going to say I felt the tension leave my body and a tremendous sense of being grounded, focused and together as I talked it through with him. The next day I remembered the techniques and strategies Mark had taught me, applied them and BOOM! I thoroughly enjoyed giving my talk, and in fact I was disappointed when it was over! No tension headache, no nervous tummy, just me there enjoying being present and grounded and speaking about a subject I’m passionate about! Thanks Mark! The next time I’m in Brighton I will definitely be back !”

Dr Anne Galliot


Growing benefits and increasing sense of ease in my body.
- Dr Anne Galliot

“I had 9 Alexander Technique sessions with Mark in the autumn 2016, and I highly recommend it to everyone. I have a desk-based job and while I am reasonably active, I kept suffering from recurring neck, shoulder and lower-back pain. Mark worked with me through techniques and exercises to identify where I held tension and ‘un-work’ it. Weeks after my last session, I continue to feel growing benefits and and increasing sense of ease in my body. I have taken up more serious exercise and can keep it up without incurring exhausting stiffness or pain afterwards.

Mark is a friendly, down-to-earth teacher, highly respectful of your body and your personal space. He explains in simple language, with everyday examples, a technique that is profound. He connects you with your body in new ways and you may discover parts you didn’t know existed! Exercises are very simple and accessible to everyone whatever your fitness level, and gradually lead you to learn how to move effortlessly.

I look forward to having a few more sessions with Mark in the future to continue to explore the Alexander Technique”


Hilary Cooke



Makes a difference to how you respond to life’s difficult situations. - Hilary Cooke

“Anyone interested in how the body works and how it responds to emotional and physical stress should check this out. Mark is a brilliant Alexander Technique teacher who can make a real difference to how you feel in your own body and how you respond to life’s difficult situations.”


Kate Bacon

I now have no back pain at all. - Kate Bacon

“I have had 12 lessons with Mark to address ongoing lower back pain that I had for 18 months. I have had some success with acupuncture and chiropractic, but nothing that lasted, and it all relied upon someone else giving me treatments. I was surprised at how little I had to “do”in my first lesson – in fact Alexander Technique is all about doing less and allowing your body to revert to it’s natural, stress -free state. I have found I am applying what I have learned on a daily basis (not just when I do my constructive rest) and have found it very helpful in everyday movement, including my yoga practice. I now have no back pain at all and it feels great to know that I have the skills to keep it that way.”

Joseph Ziminski

My neck pain is significantly reduced (Just 4 sessions). - Joseph Ziminski

“I came to Mark for Alexander Technique lessons experiencing neck pain related to long days at the computer and playing the violin. Mark has a great, clear teaching style which, over four lessons, have led to many positive changes in posture and body-awareness, leading to reducing muscle tension. My neck pain is significantly reduced and still improving, despite long days at the computer and continuing to play the violin. I would recommend Alexander lessons with Mark to anyone, as they provide a valuable toolbox of techniques to prevent and reduce pain and promote body-awareness, which will have life-long utility.”



Gabriel Mills

More energy than i’d had for years. - Gabriel Mills

“As a Fibromyalgia sufferer for 15 years, I am learning to relax chronic muscular tensions through Mark’s expert guidance. And, with very limited energy, am learning the importance of pacing myself — something I’ve never been good at. This plus regular walking and improved diet meant that a few weeks ago I was feeling more energy than I’d had for years, despite still not getting much sleep. However  feeling invincible! I recklessly ignored the need for pacing. I spent many hours with long-handled loppers and secateurs, chopping rampant, neglected ivy away from my back door to enable the door to open fully. Turning up to an Alexander lesson the next day I was predictably exhausted: with atrocious pains in my lower back, between my shoulder blades and in the “other” shoulder (than the usual ex-frozen shoulder). Amazingly, all this pain had gone by 45 minutes later when I left Mark’s studio. Despite this lapse (with repercussions lasting for weeks — a lesson to me) I am also learning to be less reactive to normally stressful events and situations. And, with a range of techniques for expanding awareness, am becoming more “present”, with a quieter mind. I would recommend Alexander Technique to anyone suffering from Fibromyalgia or other versions of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.”


Kristie Hindley

Seriously changed my quality of life. - Kristie Hindley

“I cannot rate Mark highly enough. I have suffered with headaches and migraines for many years and almost instantly these started to disappear. I used to get a lot of upper back and neck pain too but this is now gone. His lessons helped me to change my postural habits which in turn has seriously changed my quality of life. He is an excellent teacher and always makes you feel at ease. Worth every penny! ”


Tora Cullip

I am much more aware of the impact of stress on my body,helping me beyond my back pain - Tora Cullip

“I first heard about the Alexander Technique years ago but finally decided to give it a try when I experienced lower back pain recently. I found the lessons with Mark helped me beyond my back pain, I am much more aware of the impact of stress on my body AND that ‘trying’ to have a great posture is not necessarily the best way to stand and sit! Mark explained things really well, I got a lot from the lessons and feel motivated to continue to put them into everyday practice.”




Lauren Goodbourn

I am now able to enjoy things I wasn’t able to before. - Lauren Goodbourn

“For the past 3 years I have been experiencing severe neck pain, I never thought I would find the answer. But in just over 2 months, thanks to Mark and the Alexander Technique my pain has virtually gone! I have learnt so much, it has really benefited my life and I am now able to enjoy things I wasn’t able to before! I am able to apply what I’ve learnt to everyday life and able to cope with stress in a better way. Thank you Mark!”


Simon Bullock

Worked Wonders for my Posture - Simon Bullock, (Director, Barclays Private Bank)

“Mark has worked wonders for my posture, well being and overall awareness of how I sit, move, walk…everything. It might sound ‘intense’, but it’s actually very natural – once Mark helps you understand certain ‘habits’ you have built up over years, you can just let them go and reap the rewards of letting a load of tension and stress go with them. Mark’s a pleasure to work with and very very good at what he does.”

Kate Goldstone

From Constant Pain to – “I Don’t Suffer Any Pain at All” - Kate Goldstone( Freelance Copywriter)

“Having spent twenty five years hunched over a PC and a lifetime attempting to ‘stand up straight’ I was in almost constant pain, with a crackly, stiff neck and shoulders and violent shooting pains developing down my arms. I’d had enough, and to be honest I was getting a bit desperate. OK, I am no spring chicken, but I am far too young to suffer so much!

I’d had massages, which helped for a while, but the effects soon wore off. I knew there was nothing wrong with my bones, so an osteopath wasn’t the way ahead. As it turns out, my decision to try the Alexander Technique was the right one.

Ten weeks down the line, after ten lessons, I don’t suffer any pain at all. It’s amazing. Mark has patiently, expertly taught me use and treat my body differently, and the results really are remarkable.

It has also been a pleasure. Mark is personable, gentle, kind, friendly, professional and fun. I’d gladly recommend him and am returning in a month’s time for more lessons – not because I think the pain will return – it won’t – but because there’s so much more to learn and so much further I can go.

Thanks Mark, you’re a gentleman and a scholar!”

Kate Goldstone (Freelance Copywriter)

Rachael Mayfield-Blake

Help prevent tension - Rachael Mayfield-Blake

“I had a course of Alexander technique lessons with Mark for neck/shoulder/arm pain. I really valued his deep knowledge of the subject. I have not only learned practical steps to help prevent tension (and resulting pain) but to completely re-think the way I approach things in life, mainly work, but also movement and thinking in general everyday life too.”

Hilary Arundale

Amazingly Theraputic - Hilary Arundale (Editor, Teacher)

“I came to see Mark having already tried physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths. Although these offered some relief, the pain always returned at some stage and I believed that the problems were caused by a slight scoliosis in my spine. Mark showed me that the pain in my back, neck and shoulders comes from tension in the muscles and bad posture. The sessions with Mark proved amazingly therapeutic and he also taught me a very simple exercise that I can do at home to keep things on track.”

Thomas Mercer

Real Reduction in Pain in My Lower Back - Thomas Mercer, (Director, American Express)

“Mark is an informed and enthusiastic practitioner who is consistently adapting and refining his approach. The results I have seen in a relatively short space of time have been excellent, with a real reduction in pain and discomfort in my lower back. I would certainly recommend Mark to anyone interested in exploring what they can achieve through the Alexander Technique.”

Sue Jarvis

I feel 10 years younger - Sue Jarvis

“Mark is a great teacher and very patient as I try to change bad old habits. When I come out of a lesson I feel ten years younger and free from the usual neck and shoulder pain.”

Josh Franklin

Got Rid of Back Pain. - Josh Franklin (Sound Engineer)

“Mark helped me get rid of back pain that was causing me serious stress and worry to my career.”

Mike Fitzsimons

No More Joint Pain. - Mike Fitzsimons

“My reasons for contacting Mark were many and varied. I had started to developed stiffness and sore joints and had a feeling of almost constant tension. I was getting pain in my back and neck which nothing seemed to alleviate.

After a career in IT spent grappling with computers, as well as a life as a busy musician I was looking forward to early retirement and a lot more music and less stress. Mark’s guidance and therapies have helped a lot, I feel a lot looser, I can walk for 10 miles without joint pain, I can play music without tenseness, I can even swim more effectively. Most of all I enjoy life a lot more, I’m more confident and feel much healthier.

Mark is a careful and understanding teacher, who understands my needs, and gets results. I would recommend him without hesitation.”

Sarah Hutchings

My Overall Stress Has Been Reduced. - Sarah Hutchings

“Mark is an extremely professional and personable practitioner who I have been seeing for over a year. He has helped me enormously and my overall stress has been reduced by our weekly sessions, as well as the problems I had with my back. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Ruth Quick

Rarely get migraines now. - Ruth Quick

“I came to see Mark after hurting my neck which left me having frequent migraines and headaches, I was studying at the time and so spending a lot of time at the computer or reading, feeling very stiff and achey.
Mark helped me to notice and undo what I was doing with my posture and the habits which were causing me problems.
I rarely get migraines now, and if I get a headache I know I’ve been forgetting to keep up everything I learnt in my Alexander lessons.
I would highly recommend Alexander lessons with Mark for anyone who suffers with headaches/migraines or neck problems.

Emily Wilson

Helped in my approach to teaching Pilates. - Emily Wilson, Dance and Pilates instructor

“I am a Pilates teacher so already have good body awareness but I have found this technique has heightened my awareness of some bad habits I was developing in my movement patterns. It has really helped with my own approach to teaching Pilates and Mark has been an excellent teacher and made me discover lots of new things about my body. I would highly recommend Alexander Technique with Mark to help with any back problems.”

Val Bristow

Sciatica relieved. - Val Bristow

“I suffered from debilitating recurrent sciatica for over two years before a friend recommended I try the Alexander Technique. Over six months of patient tutoring, Mark has shown me many ways to improve my physical and emotional stance, and I look forward to and gain real benefit from each weekly lesson.

My sciatica is largely a thing of the past; it really only returns when I am “too busy” to perform the Alexander semi-supine floor exercise, which proves its efficacy and shows me the path I need to follow. Thank you, Mark.”