External Posture versus Internal Posture!

I can help you with your external posture but have you considered your internal posture? 


My body naturally came into uprightness during meditation…….

Recently I have been talking to my clients about this as it is something I discovered partly by meditating every day for the last 6 months. During meditation naturally my body would come into uprightness without any attempt to ‘try’ or even by giving myself my Alexander Technique directions. 

So how did this happen?

My belief is that something had changed or was changing in my mind. I was coming to a place of ‘calm’ in my mind and my body was following.  Note: Mediation is not really about calming the mind but noticing what our mind is actually doing, and partly just acknowledging that.

We are what we think………..

This is a concept that we are very familiar with in the Alexander Technique. For example instead of saying to ourselves ‘my neck feels tight’ we say ‘my neck is free’ and after a little while, it actually becomes freer.

Should we always try or attempt be upright? 

Well to me this doesn’t make sense and it is not always what the body wants to do, depending on what is going on around us. 

For example if someone got the tragic news that someone close to them suddenly died unexpectedly, does it make sense for the body to be upright? Naturally because we’ve experienced a shock, your world feels like it is crumbling around you, your body is more likely to want to crumble, head coming down, arms coming in, feeling it right in the pit of your stomach.  We might not allow this happen if we got the news whilst giving a speech or around colleagues at work. However that is what the body really wants to do. (I experienced this when my mother died unexpectedly)

Let your body do what it really wants to do…………(Experiment – part 1)

Ideally sit on a stool with no back and close your eyes. Listen to your body and let it do what it wants. Does your head really want to be upright? Sometimes people go into a  slump but they can actually can find some comfort there. This posture might go more with how we are actually feeling right now but may change if you tried the experiment tomorrow. The new posture might be saying ‘I feel a bit down or low’ or ‘I want to protect myself’ etc etc. 

After a while however staying in this posture may become uncomfortable. We wouldn’t want to stay in  a ‘depressed’ posture for ever would we? 

We could start to think differently and consider our head position and what it means.

We talk about the head often when we talk about states of our emotional self. This was F.M Alexander’s main discovery, the relationship of the head to the neck and the back and to the whole body. 

 Where is your head at? In brackets I have put a possible feeling or emotion that could go with the saying, you may have other thoughts. We could go in and out of these several times a day, I know I can myself.  Some we may have no experience of, others may feel very familiar.

Are you? :

Burying your head in the sand? (Denial)

Thinking you are head and shoulders above……? (arrogance or trying to ‘do’ good posture)

Thinking someone is head and shoulders above us……? (Feeling not good enough) – Comparing ourselves to others never bring us joy. 

Keeping your head down? (Avoidance)

Thinking stuff has gone over your head? (Not understanding) 

Head over heels in love? (Love) 

Not making head nor tail of……? (Confusion or frustration)

Hitting your head against a brick wall? (Frustration) 

Feel like my head is about to explode? (Rage)

Snapping someone’s head off? (Anger) 

Hanging your head in shame? (Not feeling good enough) 

Laughing your head off? (Happy) 

Trying to get your head around something? (Frustration) 

Running around like a headless chicken? (Overwhelm, busy) 

Sleepy head?  (Tired) 

Something is rearing its ugly head? (thoughts of the past)

Holding your head up high? (Confidence, not to be confused with arrogance) 

Keeping your head when everyone around is losing their heads? (Calmness) 

Are there any of these that you might aspire to? 

In Psychology sometimes they use this scanario which I find useful:

If faced which a problem and you can’t choose between Option A or Option B, ask yourself, “If I were the person i’d really like to be, with the qualities i’d really like to have, what would that person do?” Then go and do that………..

So if you were the person you’d really like to be, which qualities would you choose?

Any from the above list?

Personally i’d like to choose ‘Holding my head up high in confidence, and keeping calm when everyone else is loosing their heads. I also chose someone who feels content, laid back and flexible, a person who can speak up for himself and feel open and free in anyone’s company’ I can now work on allowing myself to embody those qualities. I also acknowledge I don’t always have these qualities.

Experiment – part 2 : Going back to being slumped in the chair (or however you were) with your eyes closed, think about that person you’d like to be: 

Think about the qualities you’d like and then without trying, allow your body to embody that. It may take time but don’t force it . ALLOW. 

I’ve done this with many of my pupils and it really works. 

This can be a powerful way to work. 

The problem is sometimes that we try to have good ‘External posture’ but on the inside we might have our own struggles due to past experiences (often from way back in childhood). We might have an inner anxiety, inner anger or fear, a sense of not ‘feeling good enough’ (This is very common). Also of not feeling we have a voice. (I now know I have many of these feelings going on inside of me). 

This may mean that our External and Internal posture are fighting each other. 

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