How I found out that my body ain’t no taxi!

I had no sense of body!

When I started having Alexander Technique 17 years ago, I had no real sense of my body, all I knew was that I had regular back and neck pain. In fact I felt my body was a bit broken.

One of the first things I learned was that……..

My body is not just a taxi for my brain to get about!

Exercise –
Notice when you are in one of the following states, what is happening in your body (fill in the blank) :

When i’m angry my body………
When i’m worried my body………
When i’m anxious my body………
When i’m feeling low my body………

What did you notice just thinking of those states? Did you notice anything at all? Was is contraction or expansion ? Was it a sense of getting smaller or bigger?

Now think of what is happening in your body:

When i’m Happy my body…….
When i’m feeling on top of the world my body…….
When i’m feeling confident my body……….
When i’m feeling enlightened or uplifted my body…….

Was is different from the first list? Different how? Was is contraction or expansion ? Was it a sense of getting smaller or bigger?

If we are rushing around, we might not notice and it might be said we become disembodied i.e.: we have no sense of body.

So remember ‘Your body is not just a taxi for your brain to get around’ – when you are feeling a certain way there will be a manifestation in the body. See if you can make the connection and you are half way there.

Alexander taught me….

to become more aware of my body and what sensations arise when faced with different stimulus e.g.: an annoying email etc. It then gave me the tools to change things which was incredibly empowering. I had a say in how I react to situations, I could limit contraction and tension that was leading me to pain.

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