Internal Posture? What’s that all about?

So what do I mean by ‘Internal Posture’? 

Recently I felt that I was being dragged down inside.

Even with my 15 years of Alexander Technique experience I got a sense of down on the inside. I didn’t panic and it hadn’t lead to any actual physical pain (yet). I am quite curious so I looked literally into myself. I got a sense of my upper chest pulling down a bit more than it had. Was I depressed? Was this grief from when my Mother passed a way and then I realised that it was a lack of pride. 

That secret I had as a child

about being gay that I keep inside for many years and lead to sense of ‘Not good enough’ was rearing it’s ugly head again. I couldn’t believe it. For f*** sake I thought I’d dealt with this. I came out to my family in my early 20’s, I volunteered on gay switchboard and even set up a “coming out group”. I went on every Pride march for many years and joined an airline as a steward for goodness sakes. However there it was there still in my chest “NOT GOOD ENOUGH”. I know this is not particularly a gay occurrence in fact I woud say it is rife in the population. Not a good enough parent, or not good enough at my job, not good enough husband or wife etc, etc……..

I have spent years discovering how we hold feelings and emotions in our bodies, recognising that I kept a lot of my feelings inside (My parents didn’t encourage public displays of emotions). 

On this Workshop we shall be exploring:

What happens physically in our bodies when we are feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, depressed etc but also joy, elation and even love. 

Alexander’s main discovery of the relationship of the head to the neck and the back and how this relates to the above emotions. We often use the head as an expression of a feeling eg: ‘Head over heels in love’ – Banging our heads against a brick wall, what feeling does this conjure up? Running around like a headless chicken etc, etc. However do we ever actually think about where our head actually is in space. 

Does it always makes sense to be upright. What if you have just received some bad news about a close relative dying. What does our body want to do? You may have had experience of this. What did you do? It may have depended on where you were and who was with you. 

A Breathing exploration that will help us to feel calm, so this could help if we feel anxious. 

What are the stimulus that makes us feel stressed or anxious. Is it lack of time, other people, situations? We will explore ways to help ourselves. 

Learning to take ownership of what is happening in our bodies rather than blaming others. I use this expression “What am I doing in my body when…………” 

We will find an antidote for some of the negative feelings we have (Remember that no emotion is bad but we can become over habitualized and these feelings can lead to physical pain). They did in my case. 

We will place the following qualities in the body: 





Speaking up


Laid backness

Courage and Compassion, Love and Kindness






Don not worry if you don’t think it is possible to have these qualities. I myself am not zen and feel the negative emotions as well. However the more we can embody these more positive feelings the more likely we are able to live a life that way. Less stress, more joy

We are in effect bringing these qualities to the forefront. 

I believe everyone has these qualities deep down. 

Come and explore in a fun and safe way. This Workshop is half full so please do book up soon. 

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