So called ‘Good Posture’ – what does that even mean?

Why does someone have so called ‘Good Posture’ and someone else so called ‘Bad Posture’?

Me messing about at College

I questioned myself when writing this blog as I don’t even like using the word ‘Posture’, however this is the reason many of my pupils come to me. They report that they have ‘Bad Posture’ which might be a reason for their pain or discomfort.

Maybe when we are in discomfort it is our body trying to tell us something. Do we listen? Do we stop or pause? I suggest that maybe we don’t listen enough or stop enough. Is it time to listen?

Stop fighting your posture

Just like the weather, our posture changes from hour to hour, day to day and year to year. It might be more to do with what we are experiencing, for example being bullied at school, growing up gay or somehow different. These pictures show how mine has changed from early childhood through to the present and it still is. EVERYTHING CHANGES.









Think about it, do your emotions change throughout the day?

I’ve noticed that I might feel quite different when I get up in the morning to how I feel at lunchtime and then again in the evening. So it makes sense that my posture will change in relation to that change of emotion.

Maybe sometimes we could let the body do what it wants to do or at least listen to it. If we feel down, we might acknowledge that in the body.

What is my body trying to tell me, might be a good question to ask?

We could even explore a bit of more down. However if we feel down for a longish period, we might decide that we could explore something else. UP! As an Alexander Technique practitioner I can help you explore this.

If we are in physical pain also the body maybe trying to tell us something, usually to STOP or PAUSE:

Pain is there for a reason sometimes – We learn this from a very young age. If you keep putting your hand in the fire you will cause some real permanent damage. Pain is there to protect you.

So we could ask these questions:

How am I reacting in this situation? If I keep reacting in the same way i’m going to get what I always get.

What am I doing in my body? Where is the tension?

Am I rushing? Do I feel calm and relaxed in my body when I do this?

Am I worrying about something I have no control over?

Am I feeling stressed, anxious or even depressed?

Notice I’m using the word ‘I’. It adds taking responsibility. Nobody is ‘doing’ anything to us even though sometimes it feels that way.

Also it is OK, NOT to be OK!

If we give ourselves the opportunity to pause and pay attention to what is really happening in ourselves, something new can happen.

Maybe it’s time to stop fighting our posture.

If for example you have experienced the loss of someone close to you, possibly a parent, spouse or close friend, does your body want to be upright? We would be wise to give ourselves permission to feel sad, to grieve and ‘do’ down. Only we can decide how long we want to stay there and after a period of time we can choose to move to something else.

I’ve learnt over 14 years of teaching the Technique that ‘The body never lies’ but we, myself included do not take note of what our body is trying to tell us.

If we are in pain, this could be a wake up call to stop and do something different.

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